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Reveal.js me something

Sunday, April 26th, 2015

tl;dr: I’ve created a project for creating Reveal.JS presentations quickly using Markdown alone


I’ve been wanting to play around with Reveal.js quite some time but never quite took the time necessary to read the doc.

Yesterday I did and realized that the only serious editor for Reveal.js is http://slides.com/ which is only free for public decks (which is nice BTW) and well, I’d also like to create my own slide decks without paying just to be able to do so.

Given that Reveal.js is free and open source (MIT license), you can also clone their git repository and create your decks by hand. I like HTML but found Reveal.JS’s syntax a bit too verbose. Luckily, there’s also a way to use Markdown to define the contents of a slide (and the markdown code is converted at runtime using a JS library provided with Reveal.js).

I’ve looked for a way to create Reveal.js presentations quickly based on Markdown alone but couldn’t find one that pleased me.. so I’ve created my very own.

dSebastien’s reveal.js presentations template

presentations-revealjs is a simple to use template for creating Reveal.js presentations using Markdown alone that comes along with a useful build script.

Using it you can:

  • Create your slide deck using markdown alone
  • Edit your metadata in a single configuration file
  • Tweak Reveal.JS as you wish in the provided template
  • Use a few NPM commands to build your presentation and serve it to the world
  • See the results live (thanks to BrowserSync)

Check out the project page for more details as well as usage guidelines =)

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