Hi, I’m Sébastien Dubois.

Work Smarter, Leverage Your Knowledge.

I write articles, newsletters & books, take notes about Knowledge Management. I create projects, courses & videos. I'm also a coach 🚀

Become a top tier Knowledge Worker, and learn systems that will help you succeed ❤️

What I'm Building...

I'm preparing a course on Knowledge Management. I want everyone to discover and leverage Tools for Thought to grow and reach their true potential.

Knowledge Management for Beginners
Your ultimate video course to mastering Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)

Check out my now and projects pages to learn more.

What I'm Writing...

I'm writing a weekly newsletter that focuses on Lifelong Learning, Knowledge Work, and Knowledge Management. You can find the past editions here.

Sébastien Dubois
Explore Knowledge Work and Knowledge Management with me ❤️

In addition, I regularly publish articles on my blog.

Hey, I'm Sébastien

I'm just a human. Obsessed with Learning and Knowledge.

I love sharing knowledge and ideas.