Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Here are some projects I’ve worked on:

  • presentations-revealjs: A simple to use template for creating Reveal.js presentations using Markdown alone that comes along with a useful build script
  • Midnight Light v2: The future Web application that will power this Website
  • Midnight Light: The WordPress theme of this blog
  • youtubeChannelVideosFinder: a small utility script that goes out and find all video links of a given Youtube channel
  • d3FarmingXP: A stats calculator for Diablo III hardcore players (XP farming optimization)
  • audioPi: a project aiming to build a Linux-based audio box using the Raspberry Pi
  • Electronic Decider: a easy to build electronic device that’ll make decisions for you
  • synoAtlassianConfluence: a Synology NAS package for Atlassian Confluence (wiki system)
  • OpenCloudSync: an open source data synchronization solution supporting various data stores (on hold)
  • jTicTac @ GitHub: a JavaFX 2 time logger. Useful for those who must complete time tracking reports
  • elementZapper: A Google Chrome extension allowing you to easily remove elements from Web pages (legacy)
  • skyblogBackup: a backup creation utility for Skyblog, the french blogging platform (legacy)
  • greader-unofficial: Unofficial Java API for the Google Reader service (legacy)