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Below are projects that I wholeheartedly support. I'm an affiliate for some, but I really care about those.

Small Bets

A community of bootstrappers, indie hackers and entrepreneurs making small

Small Bets - Lifetime Membership
Forget about starting a company. Try making $1,000 with a small project first. We learn a lot more from small wins than from big failures. When you join Small Bets you’ll find a support network ready to help you get your first small wins, along with regular live workshops to teach and inspire you.Sign up now to become a lifetime member of the Small Bets community. Pay once, member forever. No recurring fees.


A treasure trove of community building information curated by Rosie Sherry.

Your comprehensive community building resource and community membership.


A community for Indie founders led by Rosie Sherry.

The Indiependent Community
The Indiependent is an intentionally small community for indie founders who seek a friendly and supportive environment.We hang out in Slack and have occasional virtual meetups.What makes it different?🤏 it’s small, you’re pretty much guaranteed a response to every message you post — and not just any response or fake positivity, we’ll help you avoid those mistakes because we care and get to know you.😬 60 days of inactivity will get you booted — yes, people react and are scared off with this, but also love it once they experience it. Also, it only takes one message to stay active. We believe you can do it! And we will also encourage you along the way.🤣 it’s led by Rosie, which may or may not help — I’ve bootstrapped to 7 figures, previous led community at Indie Hackers and currently working on Rosieland🤝 it exists with the intention to stay active and create deeper connections — Rosie got tired of not being able to maintain and discover deeper online supportive friendships & network. Everything felt superficial.🤗 our goal is not to be a big community — we are capping membership to 100 members.🗺 we have members at a variety of levels of their indie journey — we’re a mixture of freelancers/consultants, full-time / part-time employees and also full time indie founders.💵 the fee is lifetime — subject to you staying active. 🔄 you can rejoin anytime and we will welcome you, but you must pay the fee again💀 just over half of our members have survived — the first 12 monthsWhat people say:Indiependent is a cozy and authentic space for community-focused makers to gather. It is well organized and still small enough really get to know one another. Rosie is incredibly thoughtful with the space and I’m excited to see how the community grows! — Zeus LalkakaAs a solopreneur, indie hacker & bootstrapper, the Indiependent community feels like my digital home. We share the same goals, values, and help each other reach the next level and stay sane. Rosie makes it even better by adding life, energy, structure, insights and rainbows to the mix. — Sébastien Dubois