The mythical right time: Don't Wait to Chase Your Dreams

Waiting for the right time is an illusion. Let me tell you why

The mythical right time: Don't Wait to Chase Your Dreams
Don't wait to chase your dreams. Image generated using DALL-E

This piece was originally published as part of the 53rd edition of my newsletter.

Often in life, we're tempted to wait for "the right time" for various reasons. We wait for the right time to buy a new car, a new house, replace equipment, go on vacation, ask for a raise, start a new project, etc.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the right time is nothing but an illusion. Actually, as the saying goes:

Reality is just an illusion that we all agree on

Waiting for the right time sometimes makes sense, but more often than not, we're just afraid. We create narratives to justify our indecision, but deep down we know the truth. We're afraid of making the wrong decision. Afraid of change. Afraid of spending too much. Afraid of sharing our feelings. Afraid of letting go. Afraid of what others will think, etc. There are countless examples. Those fears can end up paralyzing us and preventing us from growing and achieving our goals in life.

If you aren't living your dreams, then you're living your fears — Daymond John

Everything we do or don't is the result of a decision. If we move forward, it's a decision. If we push back and keep waiting, it's also a decision.

Over the years I've realized that chronic indecision can lead to regrets, pain, and suffering. That's why I try to avoid stalling for the "right" time. Instead, I prefer to make conscious choices, even if it hurts and/or bears a lot of uncertainty. Gut feeling is key, as Malcolm Gladwell explained in Blink!

Here's my advice: avoid fear-driven decision-making like the plague. If you've already taken the time needed to objectively evaluate the pros/cons as well as the associated risks and still can't make up your mind, then you'll have to trust your guts. Make the call that feels right. Some decisions cannot be made rationally. When you have explored all the rational options and can't pick one over another, then pick randomly. No need to waste energy for too long.

If you can't choose wisely, choose randomly

Whatever happens, don't have regrets; it's meaningless. Mistakes are all right. Nothing is perfect. Start before you are ready. Don't wait for perfect opportunities to come by. Start small. Make small bets. Learn from your mistakes. Move forward. Grow.

That's it for today! ✨