Announcing the Obsidian Starter Course

Discover the Obsidian Starter Course. A key starting point for your Knowledge Management journey with Obsidian

Announcing the Obsidian Starter Course

Today, I'm officially launching the Obsidian Starter Course, a video course about Obsidian and the Obsidian Starter Kit.

What is the Obsidian Starter Course?

The Obsidian Starter Course is a video course (~2h20) of content covering:

Why should you care?

Obsidian is not the most complicated piece of software in existence, but it's really powerful, and there are many ways to miss important/useful features. This video course is ideal to quickly get up to speed and understand how to best use Obsidian.

In addition, this course covers key Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) techniques and principles that will enable you to build solid and maintainable knowledge bases.

Finally, the course includes a ton of information about journaling, periodic reviews, as well as best practices and recommendations.

It is a solid introduction to Obsidian and Personal Knowledge Management that should get you started in a jiffy, with the right mindset and with a clear understanding of what really matters. This will let you focus on the activity rather than the process.

Where can I find the course?

The course is available for sale on Gumroad

Obsidian Starter Course
Who is this for?You are just getting started with note-taking or you’ve recently switched to ObsidianYou want to discover Obsidian and its key featuresYou wonder how to take smart notesYou want to know how to properly organize your notes and avoid creating an overwhelming messYou want a solid system that scalesYou wonder what Zettelkasten, the PARA method, and the Johnny decimal system areYou have bought the Obsidian Starter Kit and want a full video course to help you get startedGetting started with Obsidian is not the hardest thing in the world, but it takes a lot of trial and error to figure out how to structure and organize your knowledge base. You have a busy life, and you don’t want to spend weeks or even months figuring out the “right” approach.What is this?The Obsidian Starter Course is a video course containing 2h20 of content. It’s a hands-on guide into the world of Obsidian, Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), and the Obsidian Starter Kit.Many of the explanations use the Obsidian Starter Kit’s vault/structure/plugins, but the explanations about Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), Markdown, YAML and recommendations can be applied to many other tools. Moreover, if you’re using Obsidian but don’t yet have a copy of the Obsidian Starter Kit, then this course is still incredibly useful. It will show you how you can organize your knowledge base, how to take smart notes, and much more!What’s in the video course?The Obsidian Starter Course covers the following topics:Obsidian: installation, user interface, key features, plugins, automation, tips and tricks, etcThe Markdown syntaxYAML metadataPersonal Knowledge Management techniques and principles: the Johnny Decimal system, the PARA method (e.g., the Zettelkasten method, the LIFT principle, Atomic notes, Maps of Content, knowledge capture & extraction, etc)JournalingPeriodic reviewsTemplatesAutomationTask managementBest practices and recommendationsHands-on explanationsand more!Refunds policyIf you’re not 100% satisfied, then just let me know, and I’ll issue a full refund. I’ll only ask you a single question: How can I improve the product?If you think about asking for a refund, then consider reaching out to me with your issues, questions, and remarks. I’m always available and happy to help. My goal is to help you succeed.