DeveloPassion's Newsletter #107 - Time to build

DeveloPassion's Newsletter #107 - Time to build

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Welcome to the 107th edition

Another week, another newsletter! I hope that you all had a great one 🤩

This week has been yet another whirlwind. It's weird how some weeks seem to vanish in an instant. I haven't made progress on recording for my YouTube channel. I'm still struggling to break down my mental barrier. But instead of lamenting, I've decided to do something more useful: build something new!

I've finally started working on my community content curation product. I've just spent a few hours on it so far, so there's nothing to show yet, but I'm super excited about building this. As I've argued in my article about Community Knowledge Management, I strongly believe that social/community content curation has a big role to play for many communities. People who join rarely know where to look, what to read, what to listen to or watch. They need guidance, tips and tricks. Community curated content collections are one of the keys to helping communities better manage and share their knowledge. So I'll build that first! My first milestone will thus be to enable users to create a community, capture and share interesting articles. This alone should be way more interesting than the endless walls of Facebook/Instagram/<insert tasteless social network name>. I'll keep you posted about my progress!

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Alright, let's gooooo 🚀

The lab 🧪

This week, I've enabled support for Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) on all my Gumroad products. My goal is to help as many people as I can, and I hope that this will enable more people to afford my products.

In the past 30 days, I've sold 40 copies of the Obsidian Starter Kit (~$1K). This is reassuring because some of those already came from the new landing page I've launched last week, meaning that it doesn't hurt the conversion rate! 🎉

I've also sold 7 copies of the Personal Knowledge Management Library (~$150). And I've reached 10 referred members on Medium, which means that I get $20 right off the bat when a new month starts. Not huge, but pretty cool! Last month I've made ~$150 on Medium, just by cross-posting my articles and newsletters. It's annoying to cross post, but it's worth it. The way I think about it is exposing my content to people using other platforms instead of hoping that they'll find or want to consume my content on my Website, thus adding options.

The biggest challenge with the new product I've decided to build is to fight against my urge to learn new things and "play" with technology. Instead, I need to focus on delivering the functionality I have in mind. You wouldn't believe how hard this can be for a crafter like me. Each tiny detail is riddled with countless puzzles to solve! To be honest I don't know if many other software crafters face the same challenge, but my taste for quality code is clearly my nemesis when it comes to actually making (useful and valuable) progress as an Indie Hacker.

New articles

Tools for Thought’s greatest benefit
The greatest benefit of Tools for Thought (TfT) is not what you think
Optimism, pessimism and freedom
Optimists tend to find more creative solutions. Here’s why.

Quotes of the week

  • "You don’t rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems" — James Clear
  • "You were born to stand out, stop trying to fit in" — Roy T. Bennett

Book of the week

With humility unspoiled by false modesty, Watson relates his and Crick's desperate efforts to beat Linus Pauling to the Holy Grail of life sciences, the identification of the basic building block of life.

Thinking and learning

Thesauri, Taxonomies, and Ontologies
Or, how we can learn from these formal methods to improve the organization of our own PIM/PKM systems.
Taking literature notes while reading/post reading? from Zettelkasten
17 Obsidian Features I’ve Invited Into My Autonomous, Plain Text World
You are only truly digitally free when your system can stand alone, independent of any one app
Richard Feynman on looking at the world from another point of view
Designing better file organization around tags, not hierarchies
Obsidian plugins I use - Fork My Brain
Obsidian plugins I use - Fork My Brain
PKM Weekly Jan 29 2023 – Issue 054 – Curtis McHale
What time is it? A simple question with a complex answer. How computers synchronize time - Andrea Corbellini
David MacKay: Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms: The Book

Indie Hacking and bootstrapping

The early bootstrapper dilemma
I want to talk about a dilemma that crosses my mind frequently because I imagine more people think about it. I’d like to know what’s people’s approach t...
I lost $209,640 of my own money trying to start a business.
Writing about failure sucks. But here’s the real story.
How I made a GPT-3 Chrome Extension for Twitter and earned $1143 in 2 weeks
Hey! My name is Sergey Bunas, and in this article I will tell about my experience of building a side-project that was created in 1 day, went viral on Tw...
Developers... What is it about your 9-5 that makes you want to escape it? 🧑‍💻
Is it: - The lack of freedom? - Micromanagement? - Meetings? - Work life balance?
How I Made $10,000 Online In One Month From 5 Different Places
“Well, how much did you make last month?” my Mom asked.
Our bootstrapped form builder turned 2 and we reached $30K MRR
In October 2020 we launched our no-code form builder Tally. Today, 2 years later, we are still a proudly bootstrapped team of 2 co-founders with a profi...
Ask HN: As a startup, what are your must-have sections for a landing page? | Hacker News


Interop 2023: continuing to improve the web for developers
Learn more about how all browser vendors, and other stakeholders, have come together to solve the top browsers compatibility issues identified by web developers. Interop 2023 will improve the experience of developing for the web across a number of key areas.
GitExplorer: Find the right git commands you need without digging through the web
JSON Crack - Crack your data into pieces
Simple visualization tool for your JSON data. No forced structure, paste your JSON and view it instantly.
The yaml document from hell
As a data format, yaml is extremely complicated and it has many footguns. In this post I explain some of those pitfalls by means of an example, and I suggest a few simpler and safer yaml alternatives.
git-sim: Visually simulate Git operations in your own repos
git-sim: Visually simulate Git operations in your own repos with a single terminal command
Making sense of TypeScript using set theory
Open Graph Tester for Meta Tags | og:image - OGTester
Open Graph Tester for Meta Tags is a tool to instantly check og tag changes on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebok or any social media with og:image, og:title

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