DeveloPassion's Newsletter #110 - Breathe

DeveloPassion's Newsletter #110 - Breathe

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Welcome to the 110th edition

Another week, another newsletter! I hope that you all had a great one 🤩

This week marked the end of the Carnival of Binche, which was really exceptional. It's the very first Carnival I truly participate in, and I must say that I've been amazed by how cool the experience was! I will definitely participate in the next editions ;-)

The only downside is that the week is already over, and I'm still trying to recover some energy 😂

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Alright, let's gooooo 🚀

The lab 🧪

In the past 30 days I've sold 32 copies of the Obsidian Starter Kit ($780), 5 copies of the PKM Library ($90) and 4 copies of the IT Concepts Wall, my latest product.

This week, the lab has continued working on its own. That's what I like with what I'm doing. It's not passive revenue, but it's the closest I've found so far. The key elements are that it compounds over time and has a long-tail effect. I had to put in a lot of effort over time, but now that the products exist, what matters most is marketing and sales. Of course, there's maintenance work to be done, but for my existing products it's not so time-consuming.

Another important element is creating timeless content/products. That is, things that don't decay (much) over time. Writing timeless articles/essays/books creates tons of leverage and compounds really nicely. I've observed this firsthand with my growth on Medium, even without publishing a lot.

I didn't find time to work on my SaaS, but I'll resume work on it this week. And I still haven't continued working on my YouTube channel. Patience is a virtue 😂

New articles

No new articles this week.

Quotes of the week

  • "You really have to be intolerant with intolerance"
  • "What looks like success is often just patience" — Shane Parrish

How cool is that?!

Numen Voice Control
Voice control for handsfree computing

Book of the week

In a sequence of "cycles," György Buzsáki guides the reader from the physics of oscillations through neuronal assembly organization to complex cognitive processing and memory storage. His clear, fluid writing-accessible to any reader with some scientific knowledge-is supplemented by extensive footnotes and references that make it just as gratifying and instructive a read for the specialist. The coherent view of a single author who has been at the forefront of research in this exciting field, this volume is essential reading for anyone interested in our rapidly evolving understanding of the brain.

Thinking and learning

I'm late to the game, but as I'm exploring Lex Fridman's podcast, I want to share the episodes that I found most interesting, such as those two:

The Great Forgetting - Nautilus
Earth is losing its memory.
Supernormal Stimuli: This Is Your Brain on Porn, Junk Food, and the Internet
Were our brains built for supernormal stimulation?
KTool: Send web articles, newsletters and RSS feeds to your Kindle
KTool is the ultimate Kindle tool. It lets you send web articles to Kindle: blog posts, Hacker News discussions, newsletters and many more.
PKM Weekly Feb 12 2023 – Issue 056 – Curtis McHale
YouTube Transcript - read YouTube videos

Indie Hacking and bootstrapping

For your next side project, make a browser extension
Reflections on the benefits of tweaking an existing app, instead of starting from scratch.
The Simplest App That Makes Money - Bill Prin’s Tech Blog
Making the simplest app that makes money, an Apple Watch app for poker players
Programmatic SEO: How to create 659 blog posts in a day
While everyone is talking about the theory that all content on the internet will be written by GPT-3/AI in the near future, I stumbled upon something mu…
Start a Fucking Blog
Go on, do it right fucking now - it’s the best thing on the web you can do.
Why the super rich are inevitable
Why some mathematicians argue the economy is designed to create a few super rich people – unless we stop it.


Lucas Kostka - I prefer semi-automation de
Password requirements: myths and madness
Password requirements are weird. It seems impossible to set a new password in many websites. Why?
JavaScript at Microsoft
Everything from Microsoft for JavaScript developers. Beginning resources, application development, and in production. Tools and learning content for JavaScript developers.
Nx 15.7 — Node Support, Angular LTS, Lockfile Pruning
Here’s all you need to know about our latest Nx release.
Angular standalone components and Angular Testing Library make component tests easier
Standalone components give you a better foundation to build on, as your Angular component becomes less affected by its internals. It doesn’t matter if the component has its own template, or if it’s using child components. This makes your test cases less brittle than before with Angular Modules. To i…

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