DeveloPassion's Newsletter #111 - Passion

DeveloPassion's Newsletter #111 - Passion

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Welcome to the 111th edition

Another week, another newsletter! I hope that you all had a great one 🤩

This week I'm a bit late with the newsletter because I was participating in another carnival. This time it was a much smaller one, in a tiny village. It was drastically different, but felt much cooler to me. It was easier to really be "part of it", and appreciate the folklore. I didn't sleep much either and ended up sick yesterday, so I'm not at my best right now.

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Alright, let's gooooo 🚀

The lab 🧪

While I didn't have time to make new experiments, I did find time to publish a new article. I was inspired by a small essay I read, and wanted to share some ideas about why focusing on learning things that don't change is often a better time investment. I was glad to see it trend on Hacker News a day or two after its publication. As usual, the effect was immediate:

Visits on after the article went to the front page of Hacker News

My latest experiment, the IT Concepts Wall is a success. I've only sold 5 copies so far (~$45), but I'm convinced that many more will follow as I continue expanding the wall with new resources and as I start marketing efforts.

The sales for the Obsidian Starter Kit and PKM Library continued as usual, yielding ~$750 in the last 30 days.

On other news, I got one more paid subscriber this week, which is always an amazing feeling. MRR feels special compared to one-time sales, as it means that people enjoy my content and trust me enough to contribute and help me keep going. ❤️

New articles

Focus on things that don’t change
Focus on things that don’t change to build solid foundations and invest your time in the best possible way.

Quotes of the week

  • Clarity and Consistency are the twin engines of progress.  The clearer the path & the more consistent the work, the better will be the outcome!
  • Don’t fear losing. Winning never comes easy, is rarely predictable, and never follows a straight line. Setbacks always happen. Setbacks should be converted into passionate feel and belief

Book of the week

Thinking and learning

How to Boost Your Productivity for Scientific Research Using Obsidian
Tools and workflows for managing your zettelkasten, projects, reading lists, notes, and inspiration during your PhD.
Discover George Carlin’s Foolproof System for Organizing Ideas
You might want to use his system for your own ideas, too
Best practices for tags from ObsidianMD
Effects of chatGPT3 and AI on Note-Taking
An important topic of discussion in the PKM community is the effect of ChatGPT3 and its use in note-taking workflows. AI assistants are gradually taking over various aspects of our lives, so it’s no surprise they are used for taking notes. However, there is a strong disagreement over this new trend.…
6 Powerful Note-Taking Tools to Activate Your Mind & Connect Ideas
Active note-taking transforms the knowledge you read into your own thoughts and ideas.
PKM Weekly Feb 19 2023 – Issue 057 – Curtis McHale

Indie Hacking and bootstrapping

Why my startup failed
Hey IH, it’s been a minute. I used to be quite active on here a few years ago, now I am back with lots of wisdom and scars. Too Many Features I built an…
How to avoid creating products that no one wants with JTBDs
In part 1 of this series, we focused on what is a ‘need’ and how to get a glimse into what people want by using situational segments. To get the *real*…
This Is How I Made $10,000 from a Webinar in 60 Minutes | Tim Denning
For the last 4 years, my webinars have only made a few hundred dollars. It was so depressing. I’d get all hyped up, prepare, deliver a tonne of value, finis…
How to Use Obsidian Dataview: A Complete Beginners Guide
A Non-technical Guide
Subscription fatigue and related musings
Among many other things, I wonder for how long subscriptions will remain really sustainable for all the parts involved in the equation.


A Visual Guide to useEffect
Side effects in React
The Rot Economy
At the center of everything I’ve written for the last few months (if not the last few years), sits a cancerous problem with the fabric of how capital is deployed in modern business. Public and private investors, along with the markets themselves, have become entirely decoupled from the concept of wh…
Type checking with TypeRunner - LogRocket Blog
We explore the concepts, features, and limitations of TypeRunner, use it to type check a simple project, and compare it to Deno and tsc.
Getting Started With the File System Access API | CSS-Tricks
The File System Access API is a web API that allows read and write access to a user’s local files. It unlocks new capabilities to build powerful web
Core Web Vitals Checker - Test your sites in one click - Calibre
Test your sites Core Web Vitals assessment in one click.
Git Worktrees: The Best Git Feature You’ve Never Heard Of
Supercharge your Development Workflow

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