DeveloPassion's Newsletter #124 - Polywork

DeveloPassion's Newsletter #124 - Polywork

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Welcome to the 124th edition

Another week, another newsletter! I hope that you all had a great one 🤩

This week, I've been interviewed by Polywork:

11 Questions with Sébastien Dubois | Polywork Blog
Our latest conversation with author, entrepreneur, founder, CTO, freelancer, coach, father, and multihyphenate Sébastien Dubois.

I don't like to brag, but it's pretty cool 🎉

On other news, I've finished v1 of the creation screen for communities. It's quite spartan for now, but it does the job:

The next step will be the communities list and the community page. Once I have built those, I will dive into the resource collections.

The good news is that now, I have the basis for creating pages and implementing APIs on the back-end. There are a gazillion more things I want to implement, but it will not come in a week ;-)

I've also improved the organization's page on GitHub:

I implemented some templates for issues and feature requests:

As well as a place for discussions:

In short, I'm working on making the open-source project more appealing, so that future contributors can find their way easily. There's a guide, and even guidelines for reporting security vulnerabilities.

Alright, let's gooooo 🚀

The lab 🧪

My latest experiment with PKM Coaching is quite successful. A few people have booked sessions, and each of those has been a ton of fun. I love sharing ideas about personal organization and knowledge management.

One of the sessions led me to create and share the following diagram, which I find a nice reference frame for PKM:

I think it will help me further improve the Obsidian Starter Kit in the coming weeks. Speaking of which, I've decided to put more energy into it. The project backlog is too long 😂

In the last 30 days, I've made ~$1K from my indie projects.

Last but not least, in the last 30 days, I've made ~$1K from my indie projects. The one thing I hope is to convince more of you to become paid subscribers of this newsletter.

New articles

I’ve published an article about happiness and work, sharing my ideas about how to make the right choices for yourself.

Optimizing for happiness
Stop optimizing for money and status. Focus on happiness instead.

Quotes of the week

  • The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear — Rumi
  • Don't trust words, trust actions

Book of the week

The Status Game is a fascinating book by Will Storr. It offers a sweeping rethink of human psychology that will change how you see others—and how you see yourself.

Thinking and learning

Feedback from a PKM newcomer, 60 days in:

How I Organize My Thoughts With the Zettelkasten Method
Takeaways from using it for 60+ days.

Are humans of the Mineral Realm?

Are Humans The AI Of The Mineral Realm? w/ Matías De Stefano # 411
Are Humans The AI Of The Mineral Realm? w/ Matías De Stefano # 411

Curtis shares insights about how to make connections in your knowledge base:

An interview of Alex McCaw, the founder of Reflect:

Indie Hacking and bootstrapping

Building Your Content Engine: The 3 Vital Parts You Need to Start Selling Your Digital Products
It’s not about cranking out more —but about cranking out smarter

Making 10k a month by building a better ChatGPT UI:

Making $10k+/mo by building a better ChatGPT UI
This week I’m interviewing Tony Dinh. Tony is the the founder of TypingMind, a better UI for ChatGPT. He already has over 4,000 paying users and ended u…


All the Hard Stuff Nobody Talks About when Building Products with LLMs
In this post, Phillip talks through the challenges & pitfalls of LLMs we faced when building our Query Assistant - and that you too may face.
Human brain-powered computers could be the way of the future | CNN
This week, explore the brain-powered computers of the future, go inside Dubai’s camel cloning industry, meet a Jurassic-era bug, spy the ghostly remnants of an ancient supernova, and more.


AI Canon | Andreessen Horowitz
A curated list of resources we’ve relied on to get smarter about modern AI, including generative AI, LLMs, and transformer models.

A free prompt engineering course for developers

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers
What you’ll learn in this course In ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers, you will learn how to use a large language model (LLM) to quickly build new and powerful applications. Using the OpenAI API, you’ll…

PrivateGPT: build an AI on top of your own data:

GitHub - imartinez/privateGPT: Interact privately with your documents using the power of GPT, 100% privately, no data leaks
Interact privately with your documents using the power of GPT, 100% privately, no data leaks - GitHub - imartinez/privateGPT: Interact privately with your documents using the power of GPT, 100% pri…
ChatGPT: The 8 Prompting Techniques You Need to Learn (No BS!)
You may or may not have heard about prompt engineering. Essentially it is ‘effectively communicating to an AI to get what you want’.

There's now an official ChatGPT app for iPhone:

AI in your pocket: ChatGPT officially comes to iPhone with new app
App brings popular AI assistant to an official mobile client app for the first time.

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