DeveloPassion's Newsletter #131 - The road ahead

Welcome to the 131st edition

Another week, another newsletter! I hope that you all had a great one đŸ€©

I'm still on holiday, but I wanted to reach out to you anyway. Consistency is something that matters a lot in my life, and I wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to share some ideas with you all!

This first week of vacation has been a blast. We've enjoyed the sun of southern France, and visited many wonderful places such as the Dune of Pilat, Mimizan with the ocean beach, as well as many lakes of the Landes.

The trip back (930km!) was much more complicated than we hoped. My car broke down, and we had to take a Taxi for a 500km ride 😂. But we're back home, so that's that. Next week, we're going to the Belgian coast, which will be quite a change of weather (back to our rainy weather). Time for us to move and exercise a bit more, to eliminate all the extra-weight :)

I've thought a lot about my projects, and decided that once I get back, my first focus will really be on the video courses for Obsidian and PKM. Apart from writing, I think that those initiatives are the most important for me right now. Those will complement my existing products and reinforce network effects. They will help people get started or go further.

I've received a few questions about Knowii, but that project is really in its infancy. I still have a lot of thinking/work to do before I can explain/show more about its future.

I hope that you're also having a great time! See you soon! ❀

The lab đŸ§Ș

The lab is on holiday! 🎉

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