DeveloPassion's Newsletter #4 - Web Almanac

DeveloPassion's Newsletter #4 - Web Almanac
Welcome to the fourth edition of DeveloPassion’s newsletter.
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Web Almanach by HTTP Archive
Last week I’ve stumbled upon the Web Almanach, published by HTTP Archive over at It’s an awesome resource to check the state of things around the #web. In it, you’ll find a TON of information about evolutions of JavaScript, CSS, markup, fonts, performance, security, etc. The list of contributors is pretty impressive and I really recommend you to go check it out right away. That’ll make for a good introductory reading session for 2020! :)
Nrwl NX 8.10
NX 8.10 has been released, with a pretty cool list of bug fixes and new features. They’re now full steam ahead on React and Bazel it seems, which is great news for everyone :) To me, the biggest news is the progress (and the intent it reveals) towards adding full support for Bazel. This is huge news for performance and ease of access for NX-based apps (i.e., super-powers at close to no cost :p). Apart from that, by quickly glancing over at the release notes, I’ve noticed an “Nx Insights” plugin and am wondering what this is about; I sure hope it won’t be one of those premium cloud/SaaS products that can be combined with the free/OSS part. Of course it would make sense to move towards that for Nrwl for various reasons… There’s way more, so make sure to check out the release notes if you’re interested. And if you’re not using NX yet, then know that you’re totally missing out! Congrats to the Nrwlians :p
TLS with Kubernetes, cert-manager and Let’s Encrypt
Recently with my project, I’ve dived into how to enable TLS on our client-facing infrastructure. As this is the first iteration, we’ve simply put in place TLS termination with Let’s Encrypt certificates, but later on when we get more time we’ll certainly come back to this to implement full-blown end-to-end encryption. I’ve posted a rather long post about this on Medium.
Angular CDK clipboard support
Did you know that Angular CDK provides a clipboard module? This is rather cool. In 2016 I had in mind to create something similar but never found time to dive into it. Now it’s there and it’s free! Thanks Google :) Check out this article to learn how to use it.
Web Assembly
WASM keeps moving forward. I’m really really curious about what the #web landscape will be like in 2040.. :) It’s difficult to know for sure, but I feel like WASM will play a bigger and bigger role over the next couple of years. I haven’t had time yet to dive into it, but certainly plan to in 2020! I found this cool links compilation: