DeveloPassion's Newsletter - Black Friday Experiments

DeveloPassion's Newsletter - Black Friday Experiments
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Welcome to the 97th edition
Another week, another newsletter! I hope that you all had a great one 🤩
This week, I’ve been quite busy watching football matches with friends. The World cup is here, and it’s hard to resist following it. It’s one of the rare sports events that I’m interested in ;-)
Still, I took some time to work on my projects! I’ve published a new article, played the Hacker News “roulette” and experimented with Black Friday promotions.
Alright, let’s goooooo 🚀
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The Lab 🧪
This week has been pretty fun in my lab.
After publishing my latest article, I’ve decided to share it on Hacker News. Luckily, it made its way to the front page, which resulted in a spike in visits to my blog.
Hacker News effect
I’ve decided to give in to the Black Friday game and launched two different promotions for my products.
The first promotion I’ve launched is a -20% price reduction for all my products on Gumroad. I’ve announced that one via Twitter and LinkedIn. Following the announcement, I made a few sales, encouraging me to go further.
After that, I offered a -50% coupon code for the Obsidian Starter Kit to my existing customers who didn’t have it yet. And I did the same for the Personal Knowledge Library. That second promotion had a lot more success, with a ~10% conversion rate.
Thanks to those promotions, November has been the best month of the year so far, with 46 sales of the Obsidian Starter Kit (~$850) and 16 sales of the PKM Library (~$200).
Finally, I’m also offering you a deal today (CFR next section).
Aside from that, I’ve reached ~$150 on Medium this month, which is really cool. This is the result of the work I did to publish a few articles this month. This is encouraging, as it shows that my choice of cross-publishing articles is beneficial, as it generates revenue and lets me grow my audience as well.
So far, consulting remains my most important source of revenue, apart from my half-time job as an employee. But I still have hope to shift the balance towards products over time.
Black Friday Deal
Since you’re reading this newsletter, it means that you care at least a bit about what I have to say. To thank you for that, I want to offer you a -50% coupon code for my products on Gumroad.
Here’s the code you can use: blackfriday2022newsletter
This offer will remain valid for a few more days.
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