DeveloPassion's Newsletter - Issue #104 - Pushed to write

Edition 104 of my newsletter, discussing Knowledge Management, Knowledge Work, Zen Productivity, Personal Organization, and more!

DeveloPassion's Newsletter - Issue #104 - Pushed to write

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Welcome to the 104th edition

Another week, another newsletter! I hope that you all had a great one 🤩

This week I've decided to write a few articles. The main piece I've published is one about Community Knowledge Management, a topic that I am very fond of. I consider that article an introduction one. I intend to publish a lot more about this topic, which is broader than Personal Knowledge Management. The second article explains the concept of cognitive defusion, which I find extremely valuable. I really hope that kids would be taught about this at school. The last one focuses on decision-making, and the limited budget we have each day.

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Alright, let's gooooo 🚀

The lab 🧪

The lab keeps breaking new records. In the last 30 days, I've sold 56 copies of the Obsidian Starter Kit ($1.3K) and 9 copies of the PKM Library ($170). I've also made a new Gumroad affiliate sale and continued making about $100 on Medium. In total, I've made $1.6K, excluding the money I make as a freelancer (one day a week).

My Website also continues gaining traction, as can be seen below:

My Google search stats

I'm curious how high this will get by the end of 2023!

So far this year, I still haven't recorded/published any YouTube video. I realize that I'm still procrastinating with this project. I'm facing a kind of mental barrier...

New articles

Community Knowledge Management
Communities need specific Knowledge Management solutions. Here’s why
Are my Thoughts Useful?
Thoughts are nothing more and nothing less than thoughts. We don’t have to accept them as true. Read this to learn more about cognitive defusion.
How to fight against decision fatigue
Our decision-making power is limited. Each day, it quickly depletes as we make decisions. Learn more about decision fatigue and discover tips to avoid it

Quotes of the week

  • "Don't count the days, make the days count" — Muhammad Ali
  • "Clarity and Consistency are the twin engines of progress. The clearer the path & the more consistent the work, the better will be the outcome!"

Book of the week

Making good decisions doesn't have to be a series of endless guesswork. Rather, it's a teachable skill that anyone can sharpen. In How to Decide, bestselling author Annie Duke and former professional poker player lays out a series of tools anyone can use to make better decisions

How cool is that?

Piano Chords: Simple Online Piano Chord Player |
Play piano chords online. Hear and visualize major, minor, diminished, augmented & more chords on the piano. Makes for an easy piano chord reference chart.

Thinking and learning

My personal PKM | How I surface linear and non-linear thinking | The Quiescent Current
Some description
SuperMemo: Incremental learning
Adult learning theory: 10 key principles and best practices
Adult learning theory is a set of guiding principles and best practices for teaching adult learners.
How I’m Using Obsidian – The Setup
Intro If you know me online or offline, you’ll also know that I have an obsession with productivity and knowledge management stuff. This includes note taking apps, task management apps, diffe…
Is enlightenment real? (Part 1)
Have you heard about those guys actually trying to get enlightened?
Roam Research - A Tool For Networked Thought
How I use Roam Research to manage my knowledge and daily productivity

Indie Hacking and bootstrapping

When the Money’s Just Too Damn Good
Be careful how you pay the bills
Joao Coelho’s approach to open source entrepreneurship
As a techie, Joao Coelho always had an interest in working on his own passion projects and being the ultimate decision maker. After working two corporat...
Building multiple side-hustles while working full-time — Felix Wong of Zlides, Abstract Lab, and VenturesList
Having a side-hustle when you’re employed full-time is hard. Having three side-hustles? That’s nuts. I caught up with Felix Wong (@felix12777) who is so...
Every Complex Idea Has a Million Stupid Cousins
Chances are, you’ve met far more stupid cousins than you realize
Product Development Cycle Fundamentals
Before grew into Twitch and Socialcam we spent years with a broken understanding of how to build product. We had meandering product meetings where we didn’t write down ou
Royalty Free Music for video creators | Epidemic Sound
Download premium Royalty free Music and SFX! Our free trial gives you access to over 35,000 tracks and 90,000 sound effects for video, streaming and more!


The State of JS 2022
The 2022 edition of the annual survey about the latest trends in the JavaScript ecosystem.
Why I stopped using Gmail — and why should you too
Everyone uses Gmail, right? I use it, you use it, depending on whether you created a Facebook profile for your grandmother, you probably…
GitHub - ToolJet/ToolJet: Extensible low-code framework for building business applications. Connect to databases, cloud storages, GraphQL, API endpoints, Airtable, etc and build apps using drag and drop application builder. Built using JavaScript/TypeScript. 🚀
Extensible low-code framework for building business applications. Connect to databases, cloud storages, GraphQL, API endpoints, Airtable, etc and build apps using drag and drop application builder....
Primitives – Radix UI
An open-source React component library for building high-quality, accessible design systems and web apps.
Paying for the web
My opinions on web business models have changed over time. I agree that advertising was one of the web’s original sins, although at this point in
Stream What You Hear
Stream What You Hear over UPnP/DLNA