DeveloPassion's Newsletter - Issue #105 - 10K

Edition 105 of my newsletter, discussing Knowledge Management, Knowledge Work, Zen Productivity, Personal Organization, and more!

DeveloPassion's Newsletter - Issue #105 - 10K

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Welcome to the 105th edition

Another week, another newsletter! I hope that you all had a great one 🤩

This week I've discovered more of the Belgian folklore in the city of Binche. It's been a blast, and I can't wait to participate in the Carnival next month. As an introvert, I've never been the kind of person to go to parties, so it's an interesting new life experience for me.

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Alright, let's gooooo 🚀

The lab 🧪

This week I've released version 1.7.0 of the Obsidian Starter Kit. In this version, I've taken inspiration from a set of templates shared on GitHub by "Ljavuras" and improved the navigability of the periodic notes. This is super useful and makes for a much better user experience.

I've reached 400+ sales of the kit, and sold 10 more copies of the PKM Library so far this month. Thanks to this, I've reached a new milestone on Gumroad:

I'm super happy with my progress so far 🎉

Now I need to launch new products real soon and further build my flywheels. The one I have so far with the PKM community on Slack and Reddit, the PKM Journal and my blog is quite effective.

On other news, I've decided to expand my newsletter experiments. Now, in addition of publishing my newsletter on Ghost, Medium and LinkedIn, I've decided to also cross-post it to Substack. I'm curious about the network effects I could benefit from. And whatever happens there, I'm sure it will help me reach more people and give them more options to explore my content.

Quotes of the week

  • "Courage is grace under pressure" — Ernest Hemingway
  • "No one has ever become poor by giving" — Anne Frank

Book of the week

Thinking and learning

How I Use Robert Greene’s Notecard System
I adopted the master researcher’s notecard system to transform great ideas into actionable steps
Unbundling Tools for Thought
Disparate thoughts on personal information management after traversing the hype cycle.
On-demand learning is ruining the tech industry.
🌠 More LLM Integrations & Sample Notes for Cooking, Workouts, etc.
Obsidian’s nominated for a Golden Kitty in Productivity, there’s a new RGB theme. Plus, fancy new dataview & templater scripts for day planning & YouTube metadata.
How Julia Robinson helped define the limits of mathematical knowledge
Born 100 years ago, Julia Robinson played a key role in solving Hilbert’s 10th problem.

Indie Hacking and bootstrapping

SaaS SEO Blog Tips
In the last few months, I’ve achieved great progress in sprucing up the T.LY blog! Through thoughtful and impactful posts, SEO tactics, and answering Go...

We hit $2,000 MRR. 3 things fueling our growth.
Our little startup, Senja just crossed $2000 MRR. It took: → 11 months to get to $1,000 → 40 days to get to $2,000 For the most part, we’re still using...
The Scribe Method Book | Free Download
The Scribe Method is a book that teaches you our process for writing, publishing, and marketing a non-fiction book. Written by a 4X NY Times Bestselling Author.
How to Create Luck
Your entire worldview changes when you realize you can *create luck*.
Quitting the Rat Race - Seán Barry
I’m leaving a comfortable job in a big city because there’s more to life than whatever this is.


Here’s what’s going on in the world of extensions | The Mozilla Blog
About one-third of Firefox users have installed an add-on before – whether it’s an extension to add powerful and customizable features or a visual them
Conditional CSS - Ahmad Shadeed
CSS is condtional in many ways. In this article, I will go over a few CSS features that we use every day, and show you how conditional they are.
The Ultimate Guide To Software Architecture Documentation
This guide shows you how to write, structure, visualize and manage software architecture documentation in a lean way using appropriate documentation tools.
The complete guide to protecting your APIs with OAuth2 (part 1)
OAuth2 is one of the most popular specifications for API authentication today, though wrapping your head around it can be a challenge.
04.01.2022 - TypeScript/How the compiler compiles
<div class=“desc text-stone-500 font-mono text-sm”>Posted On 04.01.2022</div> This article is inspired by the talk [How the TypeScript compiler compiles](htt...