DeveloPassion's Newsletter - Midweek Links #15

DeveloPassion's Newsletter - Midweek Links #15

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Personal development, Thinking and Learning

Why I Quit Tana
I was elated when I finally received my tana invite and I wrote about my first impressions here. I loved the tool so much that I even started a wiki at where I thought I would help others to learn Tana.But over the weeks, I almost stopped using tana because Tana had a learning curve. I wo…
In Defense of the Unoptimized Life
Give yourself the space to be inspired
Obsidian Starter Kit
Who is this for?You are just getting started with note-taking or you’ve recently switched to ObsidianYou wonder how to take smart notesYou want to know how to properly organize your notes and avoid creating an overwhelming messYou want a solid system that scalesYou wonder what Zettelkasten, the PARA…
7 Obsidian Templates to Streamline Your Notes
Let your work flow.
Concept maps — the hidden gem of personal knowledge management
Facilitating associative thinking based on your permanent notes
Charles Darwin's Note-Making Method from PersonalKnowledgeMgmt

Indie Hacking and bootstrapping

7 of the key takeaways I've learned from spending nearly a decade in SaaS from SaaS

How I Built a Social Network in 4 Years as a Solo-Developer
A behind-the-scenes look into my journey
Daniel Pirciu on LinkedIn: Here's the story of the #1 platform for startup deals & resources. It…
Here's the story of the #1 platform for startup deals & resources. It began in April 2019 when their first 100+ paying users paid an annual subscription of…


We’ve created GPT-4, the latest milestone in OpenAI’s effort in scaling up deep learning. GPT-4 is a large multimodal model (accepting image and text inputs, emitting text outputs) that, while less capable than humans in many real-world scenarios, exhibits human-level performance on various professi…
OpenAI’s GPT-4 Just Smoked Basically Every Test and Exam Anyone’s Ever Taken
OpenAI has released a bunch of stats about its even-more-powerful new language model called GPT-4 — and we’re slightly freaked.
Is the future of computing biological?
Human brains have a leg up on computers—so what’s the next logical step?
Design Debt
A less commonly discussed side effect of adopting an iterative and experiment-driven design process is the incurring of something called Design Debt. This is where the cohesion and consistency of a design deteriorates over time as new experiments are run and new elements are introduced into the desi…
Makefiles for Web Work
A set of recipes for using Makefiles for web development.

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