DeveloPassion's Newsletter - Overlapping realities

DeveloPassion's Newsletter - Overlapping realities
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The Lab - Month in review 🧪
This month has been quite fun in the lab. In total, during the last 30 days, I made $1.6K with my different “passive” income streams.
I hit the front page of Hacker News twice, bringing 35K visitors to my blog. Then, I launched the Obsidian Starter Kit, and sold 50+ copies in 3 weeks. I kept adding content to the user guide. I wrote explanations about Zettelkasten, Atomic notes, PARA, the Johnny Decimal system, the LIFT principle, and more. And I want to add a lot more.
I’ve also sold many additional copies of the PKM library.
Those represent the biggest part of the income. The rest comes from Medium, the ads on my blog, and from the Amazon affiliate program
I’m really glad about it, and hope that next month will be just as good!
Overlapping realities
Sci-fi loves wormholes and alternate realities. But there are already alternate and overlapping realities in our minds.
Each individual experiences the world uniquely. Our senses capture different information. Our brains filter different information. Our brains memorize different information. Our brains recall different things at different times.
As it was mentioned in Altered Carbon (Season 2), “Reality is just an agreed-upon illusion”. We can try to reconcile those overlapping realities through communication, but there’s no way to superimpose those perfectly, no matter what. We are all different, and we’ll stay that way. Our reality will remain unique, even if there is an overlap with the reality of other people.
Things I've learned this month
Some of the things I've learned this month
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Books corner
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Quotes of the week
  • If you can stay positive in a negative situation, you win
  • You don’t get 1000 fans at once. You get one fan, a thousand times
Tips of the week
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How cool is that?!
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