DeveloPassion's Newsletter - Personal Knowledge Management Matters

DeveloPassion's Newsletter - Personal Knowledge Management Matters
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Welcome to the 45th edition
Another week, another newsletter! I hope that you all had a great one 🤩
This month has been packed full of good news and awesome progress. 🚀
The most important news of the week is that my daughter does not have Covid. She was sick for a few days, but the tests came back negative. Phew! The second most important news of the week is that my oldest son just turned 12, and my youngest is now 4 months old❤️.
This week I’ve switched from AWS Glacier to Backblaze. Migrating was easy enough given the compatibility with Synology, but removing my old backups on AWS Glacier proved to be almost comically difficult.
The first month of the year is almost behind us. Time for a review!
Alright, let’s goooooo! 🚀

Month in review
Some of the things I've learned this month
General feeling
To be honest I’ve really been struggling this past month. I did manage to resume writing the third volume of my Dev Concepts collection, but I was not consistent yet. I had a hard time waking up earlier again. That being said, I’m satisfied with the new schedule I’ve designed for myself. Consistency will come; hopefully next month :)
The Indiependent community
In January, I’ve joined Rosie Sherry’s Indiependent Community. It was a small $9 bet but it has turned out to be a great investment. I’ve met cool people in that community and am really glad to be part of it! It stays alive too, and that’s great!
I keep going back day after day, and it feels great, unlike many other communities!
Personal Knowledge Management
I’ve put a lot of effort into expanding my Personal Knowledge Management Library. I sold quite a few copies this month, which filled my heart with joy 🎉
I’ve also just launched the PKM Journal (more about it below!) as well as a landing page with an overview of my overarching PKM project.
This is really just the beginning. There’s a lot more I want to do for the community ❤️
focusd app
We have launched the landing page of focusd, our Zen productivity app, and managed to raise quite some interest from the community (more on this further below). Next to that, André and I have also officially launched the focusd productivity community.
I’ve published 3 articles this month:
I’ve also managed to remain consistent with the newsletter, and even launch the new “Midweek Links” edition. I hope you like those!
As I intended, I’ve managed to read and take deep notes for two books this month:
YouTube channel
Towards the end of the month, I’ve decided to prepare myself for starting my YouTube channel. It’s one of my big goals for this year. I’m taking things slow (because I’m shy 😂), but I’ll start publishing content soon.
Affiliate marketing
Business-wise, I’ve also started experimenting with affiliate marketing. I don’t intend to turn into a door-to-door salesman anytime soon, but I really believe I can find synergies with other creators (e.g., with Elizabeth who wrote Calmer Notes).
PKM Announcements - Journal & Subreddit
I’ve decided to create a Medium publication dedicated to Personal Knowledge Management 📖
The main driver is the fact I haven’t found anything similar so far in my research, and I believe that it is direly needed by the community and by people willing to get started with PKM.
There are many authors writing about this topic, but there is very little centralization. Information is scattered all around the Web, and hard to find. And this is rather sad considering the subject!
In the hope of improving the situation, I’ve decided to launch a few initiatives.
The first one is the PKM Journal, a Medium publication. In the coming weeks, I’m going to reach out to other authors, and try to rally people around this project.
Personal Knowledge Management Journal
The second one is a subreddit dedicated to PKM that I’ve just launched. I’ll use it to share the interesting links I stumble upon with the community. Hopefully, it’ll become an information hub for PKM enthusiasts.
Personal Knowledge Management • r/PersonalKnowledgeMgmt
Finally, I’ve also launched a homepage for PKM. For now, it’s rather spartan, but I plan to grow it over time.
focusd news
This week André and I have only managed to free up an hour to work together. We’ve tried to make the best of it and wrote a few pieces of content in the hope to trigger interesting exchanges and raise awareness for our project.
We were lucky with one piece in particular. It quickly got to the front page of Indie Hackers, which incidentally brought many visitors to the landing page of focusd.
And we received even more attention after that same article was featured within the newsletter of Indie Hackers.
Thanks to this little success, we now have 50 (up from 16!) people on the waiting list. This is pretty cool ❤️
As a result, a few people have also joined the focusd community on Slack.
I didn’t get to re-record the intro video, but I’ll get to it soon!
André and I stocked 🎉
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Tips of the week
Books corner
No recommendation this week, apart from this one: read more and take notes to remember more of what you read! 🙏
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Quotes of the week
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