DeveloPassion's Newsletter - Personal Organization System

Edition 76 of my newsletter, discussing Knowledge Management, Knowledge Work, Zen Productivity, Personal Organization, and more!

DeveloPassion's Newsletter - Personal Organization System
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Welcome to the 76th edition
Another week, another newsletter! I hope that you all had a great one 🤩
July is already behind us. CRAZY! I hope you all had a great month and managed to survive, rest and thrive 🎉
Looking back, I’m really proud of how I’ve managed to deal with my recent challenges. Now that the transition has happened, things can only improve, moving forward. Next month I’ll take some well-deserved rest, before coming back to continue my entrepreneurial journey ☀️
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Personal Organization System
My current focus is on bringing clarity back into my life. It’s a costly but very useful exercise to do every once in a while.
The first step for this was reviewing my goals for the year. This forced me to prioritize my goals.
The second step was to create a list of all the areas and activities I want/need to spend time on:
Different areas and activities
This helped me see everything at once.
The next step was to calculate my available time and decide how much of it to allocate to each area and activity:
Repartition of my time across different areas/activities
The output is a simple spreadsheet. This serves as the input for the next and final step of the process. This already brings a lot of clarity about how I want to spend my time.
The final step is to create a weekly planning distributing all those hours across the week. Some time blocks are obvious, like driving the kids to school. Those are the constraints. Others require more attention because all activities are not compatible with each other. There’s a rhythm to find, an equilibrium between deep work, time off, and physical activity.
I’m still busy preparing that for myself. I have more constraints than in the past, but that’s a fact of life. As it progresses, constraints keep adding up :p
The Lab - Month in review 🧪
This month, the Obsidian Starter Kit has continued to be my most successful infoproduct so far. I sold 33 copies (~$600). The PKM Library still sells, but I haven’t spent time much time on it recently and haven’t made any marketing efforts. I sold 8 copies ($160).
I’m going to test a few things in the coming months:
  • Add coupons for the other PKM product (e.g., -25% coupon for the PKM Library if you buy the Obsidian Starter Kit). Both products are complementary, so this should be appealing to potential customers
  • Add a way to buy both products at once from the sales page of each
  • Add an hour of personal coaching as an optional buy for the Obsidian Starter Kit
  • Add video content (optional buy) for the Obsidian Starter Kit
  • Launch offers with a reduced prices for a short duration
I think those ideas should help me make some more sales and be beneficial for my customers. Win-win!
On other news, I’ve decided to resume my YouTube channel project in September. No more delays! I’ll get ready in September and start publishing first videos then.
In September, I’ll also resume my work on Dev Concepts and will focus on releasing the third book as soon as I can. I’ll also start working on the PIM Starter Kit. Reply to this mail if you want to be a beta tester and finally get your information organized 🚀
I've taken quite a lot of notes this month 😂
Even though it’s far from perfect, there’s so much potential for this technology!
When I think about writing essays, I immediately think about how an editor plugin integrated with DALL-E could be used to quickly generate/insert relevant images based on simple textual descriptions embedded in the essay. This would be so much smoother than my current process, which is just a completely different activity, taking me out of the flow of writing.
I’m sure there are tons of business opportunities around DALL-E. Especially given the fact that DALL-E doesn’t have the rights over the generated art!
Recent articles
No new articles this week (I know, I know 😂)
Quotes of the week
  • “It’s impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows” — Epictetus
  • “If you think without writing, you only think you’re thinking” — Leslie Lamport
Book of the week
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