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Edition 67 of my newsletter, discussing Knowledge Management, Knowledge Work, Zen Productivity, Personal Organization, and more!

DeveloPassion's Newsletter - Truly dead
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Welcome to the 67th edition
Another week, another newsletter! I hope that you all had a great one 🤩
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Truly dead
What does it mean to be truly dead?
Generally, when we die, a part of us still exists. We continue to be present through the memories of others. They remember us, and while they do, they keep us alive.
They remember who we were, how they knew us, the moments we’ve shared together, and how we made them feel. They remember our face, our expressions, our favorite foods, our creations, our humor, our style, our touch, our beauty, our wisdom, our sincerity, our friendliness, our quirks, and our uniqueness.
As time passes, one by one, they join us in the ether. Once they’re all gone, so are the last remnants of living memories about us. At that point, we cease to exist once more.
After that second disappearance, ripples of our appearance in the world might continue to impact the universe we have just left. Long-lasting creations might continue to inspire for centuries. Our ideas might spread like wildfire. The waves we’ve caused through our actions might amplify long after our death. Many famous artists were only recognized postmortem and continue to change the world. Often in ways they never even imagined.
During our lifetime, we tend to focus on the petty and the mundane. We seek status, money, recognition, and fame. But there’s no point. Recognition and fame might come long after we’ve ceased to exist anyway. Instead, we should focus on bringing positive change to the world. No matter how tiny.
Instead of grinding money, we should look for joy and happiness, trading money for time at every occasion. Instead of chasing after fame, we should focus on creating deep relationships. Instead of seeking status, we should focus on being whole and true.
We should focus on creating those waves. Some might cause ripples well beyond our wildest dreams. It may happen during or after our lifetime. Before or after our second death. But even if we don’t succeed in our lifetime, we’ll forever have the inner joy of knowing that we truly existed.
My father in law was the funniest person I have ever met. He managed to bring joy and laughter to all family reunions. He did not revolutionize theoretical physics, but he really changed our lives. He altered our brains forever, for the better. His expressions and jokes get back to mind many times a week, and continue to ripple through time, continuing to bring joy, during and outside family reunions. I sure hope to have a tangible impact on the world while I’m still here, but I also want to make ripples through time.
The Lab 🧪
The lab is still on life support at the moment. I’m not moving much but benefit from the accumulated momentum. Hopefully, I should soon be able to start investing energy into my projects.
The Obsidian Starter Kit keeps gaining traction. I sold 60 copies in the last 30 days ($960 up from $700). Unfortunately, I had to issue 3 refunds this week. Some customers were disappointed. They expected something more, something different. One wanted more in-depth guides. Another hoped for more content within the kit itself. But as I replied to one of them (after issuing the refund), Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it’s simply impossible to please everyone. I’m at peace with that.
Meanwhile, many others seem to enjoy the product, and I want to make it even better for them. I’m committed to keeping iterating my way to success. I’m trying to avoid putting too much pressure on myself right now, but I really want to dive into the workflows I use on a daily basis to take and organize my notes.
I’ve also sold 19 copies of the PKM Library in the last 30 days ($380, up from $275).
I’ve also reached another wonderful milestone: 200 customers on Gumroad!
Last but not least, the PKM subreddit has reached 300 members today. Quite cool! I’m really glad to provide so many people with regular opportunities to learn new things ❤️.
Things I've learned this week
Some of the things I've written about this week
Here are some ideas I found interesting:
  • Laziness leads to automation
  • The circle of learning
  • Write Once Read Never (WORN)
  • Sustained productivity require sane limits
  • The relationship between deep work and portfolio thinking
  • How to learn math from scratch
  • Power requires sad souls
  • Important skills for children to succeed
  • Modern Web scraping techniques
I will publish those for all my supporters 🎉
Recent articles
No new articles this week.
Quotes of the week
  • “Some day soon, perhaps in forty years, there will be no one alive who has ever known me. That’s when I will be truly dead — when I exist in no one’s memory. I thought a lot about how someone very old is the last living individual to have known some person or cluster of people. When that person dies, the whole cluster dies, too, vanishes from the living memory. I wonder who that person will be for me. Whose death will make me truly dead?” — Irvin D. Yalom
Tips of the week
Also, focus on creating actual value, not vapor. Resonates even more today with the dip taken by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies…
How cool is that?!
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