Introducing the IT Concepts Wall

Discover the IT Concepts Wall, a huge collection of resources about IT and Software Development.

Introducing the IT Concepts Wall
The IT Concepts Wall is a source of inspiration for exploring IT and Software Development


When I decided to work on Dev Concepts, I was thinking of writing a single book about IT and Software Development, explaining as many concepts as possible in a single sentence. I quickly changed my mind though and ended up planning a daunting 12-books collection covering the major subdomains of IT, including coding, best practices, team, project and product management.

The thing is that it has turned into an enormous project that will literally take me years to complete. I could take shortcuts, but I've come to realize that I don't want to. Dev Concepts is a passion project, but certainly not one I want to rush just to yield money. Instead, I want to create something to share with the field. Something I'll be proud of. Something timeless.

Since I've been so busy with Personal Knowledge Management, I haven't made progress on the books in the last few months, but I've continued collecting useful resources each week.

Introducing the IT Concepts Wall

As I explore Hacker News, and other sources, I keep stumbling upon ideas and concepts I want to cover in my books. Ultimately, these resources will serve as inspiration for me to turn the Dev Concepts series into a treasure trove of knowledge about the field.

But today, I've realized that the Trello board I use to collect all those resources is actually quite valuable. It now contains thousands of resources from sources I trust. So, in the spirit of solopreneurship, I've decided to turn that collection of resources into an info product. Hopefully, this will enable more people enthusiastic about IT and software development to make progress towards their goals.

I launched this without crazy ambitions. It's a simple list of resources. It's not perfect. It's not magic. But I'm sure it can help newcomers and experts alike to learn new things.

If you're curious about this new project, then go check out the product page on Gumroad:

IT Concepts Wall
Who is this for?You are just getting started with IT and software developmentYou want to discover key concepts and expand your knowledgeYou want to understand different subdomains of IT like Architecture, Design, Coding, Front-end/Back-end development, Security, Infrastructure, Project, and Product ManagementYou want to progress and become a senior developer or a technical leaderYou want to learn fast from trusted sources, and avoid wasting time with low quality contentIT and software development are vast and complex topics. You could spend your entire life learning, and not yet know all that much. They’re also ever-evolving and ever-changing. You are busy, and you don’t want to miss out on key concepts. Given how many low-quality resources are out there, you want to avoid wasting time figuring out who you can trust with your time.What is this?I’ve been passionate about computers, IT and software development since I was 7-8 years old (30+ years ago!!). I’ve spent countless hours learning about new things. I’m a proud software crafter, coach/mentor, open-source contributor, freelancer, CTO and founder. I’ve been working for more than 15 years in the industry, and have explored many areas of IT. I’ve been a technical leader for both back-end and front-end, and developed software frameworks for large financial institutions. I’ve worked as a solution architect, led large projects and teams, managed critical IT infrastructure, went deep down into IT security, and founded my own company. These experiences gave me a unique perspective on the field.Daily, I help junior developers who often find themselves overwhelmed with an endless number of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools. In 2021, I started working on the Dev Concepts collection, a series of 12 books to help even more developers avoid feeling overwhelmed, and show what to focus on for maximum progress and impact. That project is huge, and I realize it will take me a few more years to deliver all those books. Meanwhile, I have curated a huge collection of resources about the topics I want to cover in the books.The IT Concepts Wall is a Trello board that I keep expanding, week after week, with resources about IT that I think are useful and valuable to learn about. The content that I curate comes from trusted sources. They cover the whole spectrum, from juniors to experts. There is a lot to learn in there for everyone.What’s included?If you buy access to the IT Concepts Wall, you’ll get access to the Trello board I continue to build for the Dev Concepts collection. You can use these resources to take a shortcut and learn key concepts you need to know about.The IT Concepts Wall contains thousands of resources. You can explore those at your own pace to learn everything about IT and Software Development.I update the wall each week with new links and ideas. And I will continue to do so in the coming years.