DeveloPassion's Newsletter - War in Ukraine

DeveloPassion's Newsletter - War in Ukraine
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Welcome to the 50th edition
I hoped that edition 50 would be a special one in a good way, but unfortunately Russia has decided otherwise, by attacking Ukraine.
This week I’m really not in the mood for deep meta thoughts. I’m not in the mood to discuss cool technology, new JavaScript frameworks, note-taking, PKM, Indie hacking, or the future of the Web.
This week my heart is heavy, as history unfolds in the east. People I know are at war, and it scares the shit out of me. All of them used to enjoy a peaceful life, and now they’re either hiding underground hoping to survive one more day and fighting for their country. They traded their mouses and keyboards for automatic rifles and Molotov cocktails…
The situation is incredibly tense, and this could clearly be the beginning of World War III… I’m no politician, so I will refrain from commenting about the international response and the details of what’s going on in Ukraine. Like many people around the world, I don’t know all that much.
What do I know is that we all need to do whatever we can to help Ukrainians RIGHT NOW. Letting them down is letting the free world down. I don’t want my children to have to go through what Ukrainian ones are going through right now. Many are losing parents, children, relatives, friends. They’ll be scarred for life. Not only that but their country is being literally destroyed. Re-building will take forever. Children are dying, and I cannot bear the thought.
I share Emma’s feelings:
That’s why I’ve stopped sharing tweets about my favorite subjects; there are more important things to do right now. I know that some people will stop following me because of that, but I couldn’t care less.
My tweets are currently 100% focused on the ongoing crisis and interesting information I stumble upon. For instance, I’ve been following the ongoing cyberwar going on, and I am really in awe. Hackers all around the world are taking arms, trying to help.
The free world is united and providing as much support as possible, but the humanitarian crisis will require help and support from everyone; not just governments. And the crisis is not some distant event; those people need our help right now!
There are many things we can do:
  • Send money to support the NGOs
  • Contact our politicians and ask them to officially welcome Ukrainians (e.g., lift VISA restrictions) if they didn’t communicate about it yet
  • Share useful information with our networks
  • Share your skills to help Ukrainians get access to the information and help they need
Whether you’re close by or on the other side of the planet, you can’t ignore what’s going on.
By the way, if you have IT skills, then don’t hesitate to join the #TechForUkraine movement:
I really hope that we will quickly see the end of this horrible war.. 🙏
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